German Screen Studies SIG panel at the 2017 BAFTSS Conference

Fassbinder’s Genre Reflexivities: Western, Sci-Fi, Gangster Movie

Panel chair: Elena Caoduro (University of Bedfordshire)

Speaker 1: Mattias Frey (University of Kent), “Fassbinder and the Western”

Speaker 2: Martin Brady (King’s College London), “Fassbinder’s auteurist gangsters”

Speaker 3: Rafael Dernbach (University of Cambridge), “Estrangement against Alienation - simulation and anticipation in Fassbinder's Welt am Draht

About the German Screen Studies special interest group (SIG)

Arising out of the GSSN, this BAFTSS SIG acts as the GSSN’s principal UK research forum, providing a focus at the BAFTSS conference and related events for national and international scholarship on German-language screen media. The Group's members are listed here.

Following each BAFTSS annual conference, BAFTSS German Screen Studies SIG presentations and papers will be proposed for publication in guest-edited issues of selected academic journals.