Little Alien

They’re teenagers fleeing from crisis regions on a dangerous journey to Europe, all alone and hoping for one thing: survival. Upon arriving in Austria, they fight to lead normal lives, struggling against a system that demands they sacrifice their youth to an uncertain future. 

Nina Kusturica’s prize-winning documentary charts the experiences of unaccompanied minors from Central Africa and eastern Central Asia who hide in the undercarriage of trucks, scale fences and undertake perilous sea journeys to Fortress Europe. 

truck JPEG.jpg

Nina Kusturica was born in Mostar, Bosnia-­Herzegovinia, in 1975 and has lived in Vienna since the beginning of the war in Bosnia­‐Herzegovinia in 1992. 

The ICA screening was followed by a panel discussion between Nina Kusturica and Sue Clayton from Goldsmiths who made 'Calais Children: A Case to Answer'. This conversation can be seen on the ICA's website here

This event complemented the workshop Austria in Transit. The screening was also part of Crossings: Stories of Migration, a nationwide programme of films about refugees.