On 12th February 2018 there will be a taster day at UCL, which will include sessions on language, literature and a film screening of Die Habenichtse. The director and author on whose novel the film is based will be present.

Die Habenichtse tells the story of a couple who come together with a push from a friend who is caught up in the World Trade Centre attack. The film explores the subsequent psychological effects this has on the couple.

After a screening of the film, you'll participate in three workshops, where you'll get to explore the issues in and perspectives of the film, with the director (Florian Hoffmeister), the author of the book (Katharina Hacker), and academics.

Workshops will include:

A literature session

A film session

A German language session

You'll get the chance to see how languages can be combined with other interests at degree level. You'll build your skills in critical and analytical thinking, and build your confidence in sharing opinions, and engaging in discussions with other students.

In addition to working with academics, you'll also be supported by current undergraduates, who can answer questions about applying to and studying at university.

Apply here by 29 January 2018!